Sunday, April 18, 2021

Trace: You'll Never Change (Old Dog New Tricks) (CDS) (Nivel Records, 2000)

A quite obscure R&B trio from Gulf Breeze, Florida, a place more known for its UFOs than great R&B music. Complete with a rap breakdown, it’s an engaging throw back to the turn of the millennium when ‘empowerment’ anthems like “No Scrubs” and “Bills, Bills, Bills” ruled the airwaves. The label Nivel Records was mostly a soul label known for soul/jazz singer Ruby Baker and this seems to be the only contemporary thing that they did. I know nothing about the group but the song was produced and written by Martin Blockson (Modest Fōk, Five Xi, B.B.O.T.I.)

You'll Never Change (Old Dog New Tricks)  (Radio Edit)  4:24
You'll Never Change (Old Dog New Tricks)    4:26