Friday, April 9, 2021

Slept On Soul Stars: Cherokee's Soul Parade

Originally part of a duo Auto & Cherokee in the early 90s, Cherokee Pougue emerged as a solo artist in the late 90s with her debut LP "I Love You...Me". Though neo-soul was in its infancy at the time, the album was a success and she later went on to appear on Soul Train, Motown Live and soon her face was seen adorning Billboards all over her native Brookyln. Her highly anticipated follow-up "Soul Parade" saw her working with many industry heavyweights not limited to Outkast, Bilal and the great Jill Scott but sadly it was to never see the light of day outside of limited promotional copies. As it seems, RCA closed yet another division leaving Pougue without a label. She later took it to Antonio "LA" Reid  - then head of Arista Records - but even he couldn't get this album released. Ultimately it was left up to the usual slew of European so-called "collectors" to stick the final boot in and in the late 2010s bootlegged CDr copies have started appearing online starting at $178. I don't know if the artist intended for her work to end up on eBay - she sold CDrs she produced herself through Facebook - but it's nice to know that the so-called "collector" probably made more off it than what she did. Regardless, the above CDr of Stuaaart's is a legit pressing direct from the RCA Record label, one of a few that actually exist.

Remember, real OG's always buy legit physical media.

Runaway    4:04
Lips ft. Anthony Hamilton    3:57
Woman Knows ft. Bilal & Jill Scott    5:10
I Swear    6:12
Nectarine ft. Andre 3000    3:59
Star ft. Floetry    4:21
Nothing Really Feels The Same    4:40
Crazy ft. Rashan Patterson    5:16
Daddy How?    3:38
Where ft. Jill Scott    4:02
One    1:46
Can't Let It Go    4:23