Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Quadeer: I Believe In U (EP) (Tobe Rich Music Group, 1997)

I very rarely post hip hop on my blog but sometimes I will make exceptions for certain stuff if there is at least a few songs with original vocal hooks in them, such as with this guy from VA Beach. If there's one thing Napo has shown us, is that there is a ton of great music to be found here. Not much is known about the artist but some of the tracks are produced by the same guy behind this amazing group here. Their album long having been a "collector's" item, we were very lucky when Napo found a whole stack of them while digging through the crates in his area back in 2019. Comparing the production on both, this hip hop EP has a very similar smooth, quiet storm sound. One of the members "Peaches" even provides the hook to the title track which definitely gives me "Take A Dipp" vibes. Altogether a very good find as what R&B fan doesn't like a bit of G-Funk. Tracks 4-9 (in snippet form) said to be taken from the artist's album "I, Q" which may or may not have been released. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for finding the actual CD at last :-)

Album Version    5:02 (featuring Peaches of Ebonae')
Instrumental    5:09
A Capella    4:44
It's On U [Snippet]    1:36
Downtown [Snippet]    1:33
It Ain't All Good [Snippet]    1:40
Yearnin' [Snippet]    1:15 (featuring So Intense)
One True Love [Snippet]    1:27
We Fam [Snippet]    1:03