Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Innersoul Records Presents: Super Sampler Vol. 1 (Promo) (Innersoul Records/OneDisc Distribution, 2004)

More great unreleased music from Innersoul Records who were mostly known for the former LaFace quintet Az Yet. The group originally planned to release their follow-up on the DreamWorks label but they left after only one single "My Fix" in 2003. By this time, they had become quartet and gained a new member LeDon Bishop. In 2004, they signed to Innersoul Records, one of the early purveyors of the OneDiscTM/DVD Plus(C) format. For those who didn't know this was a dual disc format combining the best of CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs all on one disc, an ultimate "multimedia" experience. Sadly neither the format nor any of the artists were ever to take off. Az Yet released 1 EP "That Be U" in 2004 and then their album "The Return" was shelved. By that time original member Darryl Anthony had basically assembled a new group from scratch bringing aboard two new members to join him for the project. A further EP "Chocolate City" by Ter'ell Shahid was released also in 2004 on the OneDisc format. The fantastic Angie Fisher, who hails from Pasadena, CA, was seemingly left behind. Again, very much a shame but the failure of this label was no doubt due to the niche way that they marketed their stuff. Just take a look at the hideously ugly cases

That B U    4:14 (Az Yet)
Another Place To Sleep    3:07 (Angie Fisher)
2 Hours After Midnight    3:53 (Ter'ell Shahid)
Same Amazing You    4:21 (Az Yet)
Butterflies    6:04 (Ter'ell Shahid)
Flavorhood    4:39 (Tere'' Shahid w/ Angie Fisher)
Let's Get Naked    3:10 (Az Yet but credited to LeDon Bishop)
Swing With Me    3:06 (Angie Fisher)