Tuesday, March 23, 2021

YD Records Presnts: Step Up II Da Mic (Promo) (YD Records, 200x)

More rare R&B/2-Step music from out the UK with Step Up II Da Mic, a showcase with a flavor of new music from the heart and soul of London. I don't know anything about any of the artists but the project itself appears to have originated from a monthly event "Your Destiny" which showcased new up and coming talent from around the capital. The tracks themselves are a mixture of original songs and covers with "Sweet Dreams"  in particular being a cover of the popular 80s song of the same name. After being sampled half a dozen times in numerous mediocre hip hop and R&B songs, it's nice to hear a modern 2-Step take on it. A real blast from the past. No date of release but 2002 as per an archived snapshot of the web address. 

Intro    0:52   
Games You Play    3:32   
Fly Away    4:11   
Grapevine 2002    3:17   
Interlude    0:16   
The Landing    4:10   
Slow Jam    3:56   
Interlude    0:36   
Could It Be    4:04   
Sweet Dreams    3:54   
Fly Away (Remix)    4:11   
Outro    2:05