Wednesday, March 3, 2021

X-elle: Promo EP (Platinum Artist Management, 2002)

Originally featured on Andros Georgiou and the Daily Star’s Magnificent 7 series, X-elle were a 4-piece girl group comprised of Sherene Flash, Chantal Springer, Charmaine Espirit and Laura Hills from the early 2000s. Their music was described as a mixture of T.L.C., Pink (presumably from her first album era) and En Vogue ‘all rolled into one’ and they were all aged between 20-24 years old when they first appeared on the Magnificent 7 compilation with the uptempo track “Boom Da Da Da.” A much less chav-tastic version of Tommi (known for their only single “Like What” in 2003), the group wrote all of their own material, choreographed their own dance moves and worked on their own production. Alas, considering the work they put in, they are still a new one to me. They toured with major label groups such as Damage, performed live for Children In Need and even had a bi-weekly residency at The Eve Club in London’s Regent Street but still we struggled to find anything about them outside of the Web Archive for the Daily Star CD. Lewsic was lucky enough to find the above disc, which appears to be a management demo from 2002, but it is most likely the only one in existence. Mixing the Spices “Girl Power” with a little urban appeal, they had a very unique, futuristic hip hop sound that set them apart from similar UK urban groups at the time such as Tommi with their more cliche American sound and Mis-Teeq with their 2-Step crossover appeal. I don’t know if there was a niche in the market for them at the time but I certainly would be interested in hearing more. 
Boom Da Da Da    3:33
Did You Know    3:47
Hot Boy    3:32