Monday, March 1, 2021

Various: The Magnificent 7 - Urban Grooves Vol. 3 (Promo) (Daily Star, 2002)

The Daily Star is the last place I would ever go to to find quality R&B/Hip Hop music but we were pleasantly surprised by two tracks on this mainly Electronic/Trance CD that was given away free with The Daily Star in the early 2000s. Most were featured on Essential Talent Search, which was like an early, more underground predecessor to the X Factor and launched by Andros Georgiou in 2001. Due to the high volume of submissions (350 in total), Georgiou felt that it was unfair to choose a single winner so instead teamed up with the Daily Star to release "The Magnificent 7" series which featured seven of his best picks. It was spread across 7 discs and was given out free to readers at the time. The vast majority of the submissions were dance and electronic music but hidden away on this particular volume are two great urban cuts that you won't find anywhere else. A female R&B/Rap quartet X-Elle were described as a 'mixture of TLC, Pink and En Vogue rolled into one' while smooth male vocalist Royl hailed originally from Canada after his uncle saw Georgiou's Essential Talent Search and sent in his CD. Neither went on to release anything else but X-Elle did have demo which I will be posting very soon.

Boom Da Da Da     3:31 (X-Elle)    
Movin' On Featuring – Jo Bryant 4:18 (Twister)    
We Change     3:16 (Royl.)    
Stand Up     5:27 (DS3)    
Nightmares     4:36 (Halon Dark)    
For You     7:16 (Paul Sumner)    
Perfect Man Featuring – Miss D*Vine 3:53 (XKG)