Monday, March 15, 2021

The Best of Unsigned (Touch Magazine, 200x)

Another selection of underground R&B and Hip Hop music from out the UK with Touch Magazine, an urban music & lifestyle magazine which was in publication up until 2008. Notable features include Davinah who entered and won Eastside Records' talent contest Search For A Star in 2004, smooth male artist Oogie with "Promises", Collective Minds with the uptempo "About To Change" and "Slowly Surely" from Soundbwoy Entertainment artist E.C. of which the full compilation CD can be found here.

Get Out Of My Face 3:40 (Davinah)
Slowly Surely 3:40 (EC)
(Wong) Love Of Money 3:45 (D-Stubborn)
Promises 3:28 (Oogie)
About To Change 3:02 Collective Mind)
Collaboration 3:12 (Junior Dangerous)
Random Chick 4:05 (Baby Phat)
Too Hot 3:25 (Lady Chill)
Nu Breed 3:46 (Nu Breed)
Kiss My Money Maker 3:34 (Harri Best)