Saturday, March 20, 2021

Go Blue: The Life And Soul Of Machester England (Blue Records, 1996)

R&B music from Manchester, UK, which admittedly isn’t the first place I envisage when I think about this genre of music, but it turns out there were quite a few good artists and groups from there and I am not talking about Simply Red and Lisa Stansfield. Featured here are a selection of great unsung R&B and soul acts from the 80s to the mid-90s including 52nd Street/Cool Down Zone, Victor Haynes and many more. Notable more indie picks here include sensual female singers Jummai and Fyza and more great street soul with 3D Productions. Jummai I don’t know anything about but she was a featured performer at Manchester’s In The City music conference which ran from the early 90s to the end of the 2000s. She was said to be working with Dennis Charles and Ronnie Wilson who were mostly known for their work with Eternal in the 90s. She could’ve been Manchester’s answer to Michelle Gayle but seemingly never had a single of her own. The sweet-voiced Fyza later had a self-titled album and a couple of singles in the late 90s while 3D productions only ever appeared anywhere but here and have a quite sought-after 12” which was manufactured by Fosters Ice for Kiss FM.

Tell Me (How It Feels) 7:17 (52nd Street)
Just A Little More 5:34 (Fifth Of Heaven)
Heaven Knows 7:59 (Cool Down Zone)
I Just Wanna Be 5:13 (FR' Mystery)
Do You (All Nite) 4:34 (Jummai)
Colour My Life (Part One) 5:03 (M People)*
This Is Love 4:59 (Victor Haynes)
Trust In You 4:46 (3D Productions)
Keep On It 4:21 (Chapter And The Verse)
Poetical Love 7:06 (Fyza)
Set Me Free 5:38 (The Bygraves)
Black Whip 4:10 (Chapter And The Verse) 
*NOTE: The addition of the 90s popular electronic/house group M People is a bit of mystery. Although I quite enjoyed them back in the day, I have a feeling that this may have been just a last minute addition to this set.