Sunday, March 28, 2021

Fun*Dmental 03: Demo Sampler (Promo) (daWorks Entertainment, 2oox)

A further UK group from the mid-2000s who were signed to Jazz Black's daWorks Entertainment label. Black was a former producer for many notable UK R&B artists including Hinda Hicks and most artists from the Mission Records label from back in the day, including two of my all-time favorite groups Montage and Serenade. I guess they called themselves Fun*Dmental 03 to avoid confusion with fellow British hip hop/ethnic fusion group Fun-Da-Mental but they won best newcomer at the MOBO Awards in 2006. Again much like 308, they released a few singles and then disappeared despite being crowned both the label's and the UK's "premiere boy band." They changed their name to FDM soon after. 
Playground    1:42
Butterfingers    1:17
Trick Nut    1:33
Where She Lays    1:55
Party People    1:58
Wait A While    1:39
Untitled    1:25