Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Ebony Alleyne: Little Bit Of Love (Promo CDS) (2NV Recordings, 200x)

More early 2000s indie R&B from out the UK with Ebony Alleyne, an artist who was signed to Sony as a singer-songwriter when she was only 19 years old, only for them to pass on her when they found she could not be pigeon-holed into the typical R&B sound that was popular back then. Listening to her husky contralto over the modern beats on this song, you can definitely hear the contrast. Regardless, Sony had financed her first album to the tune of £150,000 before they got cold feet and then UK Label Expansion Records, known for their rediscovery of many great soul and R&B acts, finally brought the rights to it in 2007. It's unknown where this particular song "Little Bit Of Love" may have originated from but it was produced by Shatek King, mostly known for producing DMX' "X Gonna Give It To Ya". There is also a bonus skit on the disc from guitarist Carlos Santana that mentions a familiar name and label: Clive Davis and Arista Records.

Little Bit Of Love (Radio Edit)    3:31   
Skit (Carlos Santana Voice Mail Message)    0:33