Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Des: Do You Wanna Know? (Kornerstone Productons, 200x)

Further unknown R&B found by Lewsic and appears to originate from Toronto, Canada although not 100% certain. Nothing is known about the artist but the label appears to be associated with reggae music. Surprisingly though, there isn't one lick of reggae or any of the associated genres on this album. It is 100% contemporary R&B with classic soul vocals, presumably from the early 2000s (as per the label's other releases) but the sound is very mid-to-late 90s. 

Can We Be Friends    3:54
Missin You    4:26
Do You Wanna Know    3:36
Here We Go Again    4:11
Caught In A Daze    3:59
Cycle Of Life    4:17
Ain_t Gonna Get    3:39
Always On My Mind    4:33
Pay Back    3:52
I Love You    3:34
This Time    3:53
Candle Lite    3:32