Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Christynette: Bass Of My Soul (Album Sampler) (Promo) (Gemtoy, 2001)

First featured by us on our Street Beats series, UK singer Christynette was first heard on MC Malarchi's 2000 single "4 U Days" before releasing her own "Enough Love" in 2001. She was one of a handful of artists signed to independent label Gemtoy Records in the early 2000s along with MCs 2Sticky and Ghettoganza, and a further female artist Shea. Described as the UK's "First Lady of Urban Soul", Christynette appeared on the Radio 1 stage at Nottinghill Carnival and later appeared on BBC 2. Her debut album "Bass Of My Soul" was highly rated by the label but seemingly went unreleased. The only artist to get an actual release from this label it seems was Malarchi whose debut album "Forgotten World" was released in 2001. Regardless, presented here are 7 tracks which would've been on her album,  a blend of soulful slow jams and colorful early 2000s flava. A real lost opportunity along with many of these obscure single-track artists who featured on Street Beats and similar promo-only compilations sent to radio stations and DJs. As always me and my dedicated team hope to someday find more of them.

Enough Love    4:24
Gentle Distance    3:44
The Deeper We Get    4:18
Unbelievable    4:14
The Impossible    4:27
The One Who Always Loved You    4:29
Enough Love (Urban Remix)    4:55
U4Days (Remix)    4:27
Enough Love (2 Step Remix)    3:37

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