Sunday, March 28, 2021

308: Demo Disc (Promo) (On Point Entertainment, 2007)

Early demos from Croydon-based brother duo 308 who won BT Broadband's Unsigned Talent competition in 2007. Their first single "Gots To Go" was an underground success with the 2-Step influenced "Don't Confess" with Kele Le Roc also getting some notable praise. An album "No Turning Back" was slated for release though if it was ever was, it is most likely little more than a mixtape. The duo have continued to release singles through iTunes although aside from "Gots To Go" and it's b-side "No Turning Back", nothing remains of this particular project at all. Influences included Ryan Leslie, Usher and Craig David.

Gots To Go 3:47
Don't Confess 3:39
Lost For Words 3:26
Wanna Be The One 3:34
Don't Walk Away 3:32
Compromise A Way 3:51