Sunday, February 21, 2021

Various: I Won't Be The Other Woman - The Soundtrack (All Night, 2001)

Further unreleased heat with Marcus Devine and Cordell Walton's "I Won't Be The Other Woman - The Soundtrack", a collection of dope R&B and soul tunes found while digging the crates in the musical Mecca that is Virginia Beach. Actually based out of Detroit, MI, it seems this album was a possible companion to a very local theater production although I am not 100% certain. It features massive vocals from gospel singers Wanda Nero Butler and Victoria Holland Vaughn and even Devine himself on two tracks proving his worth as well as a more than apt contemporary R&B singer before he later turned to production (as Daheatmizer.) Many thanks again to Napo for his continued support of our blog and channel! More unreleased "heat" to come!

The Other Woman    1:51    (Marcus Devine)
The Best Of Billie Jean Comedian    2:34    (Bill Hill)
Promise To Love    3:22    (David Whitfield)
Stop By Here    3:24    (Wanda Nero Butler)
I'll Take Care Of You    4:50    (Anthony A.K. King & Victoria Holland Vaughn)
I Won't Be The Other Woman [Remix]    4:45    (Marcus Devine)
You'll Always Be My Baby    2:46    (Victoria Holland Vaughn)
Heaven    2:08    (David Whitfield)
Leave Us Alone    3:20    (Wanda Nero Butler)
Baby Love    3:36    (A.K. King)