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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Erik Lamar: Brand Nu Love (CDS) (RAD Records, 199x)

More great underground 90s R&B found by Napo in and around the Washington metropolitan area, an area seemingly abundant with great R&B music from yesteryear along with the independent city of Virginia Beach. No date of release but I am guessing mid-90s by the smooth Hip Hop/New Jack Swing sound. From Washington DC, the track was said to be taken from his album of the same name but I can't find any additional releases by the label or any information about the artist or other people involved.  

Brand Nu Luv [Radio]    4:52
Brand Nu Luv [Instrumental]    4:45

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Ms. Lydia: Closer Than Friends (Featuring Surface) (Cassette Single) (Alexia Records, 1997)

Rare cassette single by Ms. Lydia's only single featuring an elusive b-side track "When", said to be taken from her album "I Believe In You" which was not released. Produced by Surface, "Closer Than Friends" featured on a compilation "Life After Evolution (Realty Check)" along with many artists from the same label including male soloist Ruscola and a male R&B group or duo called Style who I believe are an earlier incarnation of these guys here.

Closer Than Friends featuring Surface    3:51
Closer Than Friends (Remix)     4:08
When    6:11
UGN Compilation Sampler    2:49

Various: I Won't Be The Other Woman - The Soundtrack (All Night, 2001)

Further unreleased heat with Marcus Devine and Cordell Walton's "I Won't Be The Other Woman - The Soundtrack", a collection of dope R&B and soul tunes found while digging the crates in the musical Mecca that is Virginia Beach. Actually based out of Detroit, MI, it seems this album was a possible companion to a very local theater production although I am not 100% certain. It features massive vocals from gospel singers Wanda Nero Butler and Victoria Holland Vaughn and even Devine himself on two tracks proving his worth as well as a more than apt contemporary R&B singer before he later turned to production (as Daheatmizer.) Many thanks again to Napo for his continued support of our blog and channel! More unreleased "heat" to come!

The Other Woman    1:51    (Marcus Devine)
The Best Of Billie Jean Comedian    2:34    (Bill Hill)
Promise To Love    3:22    (David Whitfield)
Stop By Here    3:24    (Wanda Nero Butler)
I'll Take Care Of You    4:50    (Anthony A.K. King & Victoria Holland Vaughn)
I Won't Be The Other Woman [Remix]    4:45    (Marcus Devine)
You'll Always Be My Baby    2:46    (Victoria Holland Vaughn)
Heaven    2:08    (David Whitfield)
Leave Us Alone    3:20    (Wanda Nero Butler)
Baby Love    3:36    (A.K. King)

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Hitz From Da Go (Clubhouse Entertainment, 1999)

Formally a member of early 90s deep house group Da Posse with fellow Chi-Town knob-twiddler Maurice Joshua, Lamar “Hula” Mahone was perhaps better known as 1 fourth of the popular hip house group The Outhere Brothers also in the early 90s. Their two most widely known singles “Boom Boom Boom” and “Don’t Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)” were back-to-back hits in Europe and to a lesser degree “Fuk U In The Ass” which got a surprising placement in a Dutch TV commercial promoting English language training. In 1999, Mahone produced this amazing smooth R&B/Rap compilation along with some input from Joshua and fellow Outhere Brothers member Keith “Malik” Mayberry. Mayberry spits on two rap tracks as Malik “The Golden Child” while another of Mahone’s frequent collaborators Dejoin (Madison) lends his smooth vocals to two others. Also featured is a reply track to TLC’s “No Scrubs” called “No Ratz” which is sung by independent R&B group Precyse (mostly known in collector’s circuits for their only single “Slyde”.) The compilation is very hard to find but did spawn a few 12” single and EP releases. Chi-Town royalty at its best. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the amazing find. 
The Bad Boys Intro 0:21 
No Ratz 4:56 
Monday Night 3:40 
What's Real 7:32 
Do U Wanna Bounce 4:18 
Puttin' It Down 4:28 Pressure 3:15 
It Happen 2 Me 3:26 
You Ain't Buy No Milk 3:51 
Ghetto Boo Interlude 0:25 
Ghetto Boo 4:41 
Gettin' Freaky 3:51 
Can It Be 3:34 
Drama (What Goes Around Comes Around) 3:47 
I'm Ready 4:30 
Making Love In The Rain 4:14 
Adore U 3:45 
Phreaky M.F. 7:38 

Friday, February 5, 2021

Local Virginia R&B on demo tape!

From collector's favorites to new unheard of heat, there is no shortage of great music to be found in VA courtesy of fellow crate hunter and purveyor of all things funky Napo from Virginia Beach. He's come across quite a few underground hip hop gems on demo tapes before now and here is his first R&B find, an unknown female group from I am guessing the mid-90s. He actually found two of these tapes at a local flea market and was super excited to share them with us. One of them appears to be a single while the other has eleven tracks, six by the group and an additional five by an unknown underground hip hop artist. With just "Desire Demo" written on the labels, I don't know if they are called "Desire" themselves or if it is the title of the main song (the lyrics repeat "You are my desire" at different points.) The sound quality is not the best but the production is pretty tight. The songs are a mixture of funky mid-90s R&B and slow jams with "Inside My Love" being a cover of Ripperton's song of the same name. I considered that they might be the same group as these (who are from Richmond, VA) but the vocals and style of music is definitely different. Many thanks again to Napo for unearthing this for us.
All titles are approximate. 
Demo #1
Desire (Instrumental) 4:40 
Desire (Vocal) 4:42 
Desire (Take 2) 4:10 
Demo #2 
Unknown Rap Track 3:32 
Unknown Rap Track 4:45 
Unknown Rap Track 4:21 
Unknown Rap Track 3:28 
Unknown Rap Track 4:58
Inside My Love 4:38 
Still In Love 4:42 
But I Can't 3:03 
Desire 4:44 
Desire (Instrumental) 4:41 
Desire (Take 2) 4:42