Thursday, January 7, 2021

Stefanonu Soul: Nu Blaze Open Mic V: 1 (Self-Released, 200x)

Another rare find from Napo who is now based out of Maryland. The artist Stefano Nu*Soul (real name Stefan Khonsu) originally hails from Youngstown, OH but recorded this set in Atlanta, GA which probably dates at around 2006/7. A fusion of conscious rap, spoken word and neo soul, he released his first single “Eat My Words” in 2010 and is now known for his mixtapes. Many thanks again to Napo and Stuart for the unreleased heat! 
Featuring beats from the one and only J Dilla on  track 5
2 Picky 4:48 
Angel Girl 3:20 
What U Be Mine 4:02 
CB Deuces-Remix 4:40 
Beautiful Ending 3:30 
Eat My Words 3:27 
Love Lessons 4:03 
Collision Of Culture 2:26 
Real Music 5:20 
PDF 4:13 
Lose A_Soul 3:23 
Vented For 5:01 
Thatz Whuz Up 4:31 
Centaur N 5:05 
What's Happenin 4:33