Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Smooth: Zoom (Promo CDM) (T.U.G. Entertainment, 2004)

Unreleased music from 90s Female Mac Juanita “Smooth” Stokes and not surprisingly further unreleased music from her brother Chris Stoke’s T.U.G. Entertainment roster in the early 2000s. After the failure of TG4 (with Sevyn Streeter) and Dame (with Milla J), Stoke’s decided to go back to the formula that made him hits. After all, having two girl groups that promoted abstinence and girl power on a label that was mostly known for racy hits like “Pop That Booty” and “Naked” wasn’t really working. Juanita Stokes, known as MC Smooth or Smooth throughout the 90s, is mostly known for her sexy hits such as “Mindblowin’” and “Strawberries”in the 90s, She began her career as an MC but later crossed over to R&B and soon dropped the MC from her name altogether. In 2003 she rebranded herself yet again as “Needa-S” and signed to her brother’s T.U.G. Entertainment label which had distribution from several major labels including Sony, A&M and Universal. She released one single “Sensitive” and appeared on other singles from TG4 and Marquez Houston but her proposed album “What?” was never released. I don’t know what at point it was shelved but it seems she was still with the label in 2004 when the above single got a promotional-only release. It seems at that point she was an independent artist and had changed her name back to Smooth. Despite being the label owner’s sister, it seemed that the ladies just couldn’t get a break at this label for some reason. At around the same time projects by Jhene Ako (then just known as Jhene) and her sister Milla J were also shelved. It’s a shame because Chris Stoke’s really could churn out great-sounding R&B tracks…
Zoom(Edit) 3:36 
Zoom(Instrumental) 3:37 
Zoom(Acapella) 3:42 
Zoom(Hook) 0:21