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Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Best of CD Pool's Street Beats (1996-2001)

Exclusive to my You Tube channel, a chronology of rare tracks lifted from Pioneer CD Pool’s Street Beats compilations from their humble beginnings in the mid-90s to the turn of the millennium when they became 2 disc volumes. Launched in 1996 to coincide with the release of Pioneer’s very first CD DJ decks, a lot of these discs (particularly during the 90s era) featured rare independent artists with quite a few never even seeing a commercial release at all. Others were lifted off vinyl or taken from singles which have since fallen into the general unobtainable category owing to certain ‘collectors’. A ton of great stuff here from fan favorites (Jaye Wallace, Di’Mond) to stuff I have never seen before now. By the early 2000s, the volumes were split across two discs but the quality was not the same with an overabundance of generic garage and grime music and top 10s from notable DJs, artists and producers which just seemed like a waste of a CD. Many thanks again to Lewisic for scouting these out for me!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Shonica: Sampler (EP) (Euro Soul Records, 199x)

Further unknown R&B with Shonica, a Whitney Houston-esque belter I know nothing about but was possibly produced by ex-Curio member Rodney Shelton as per her label mate Dalia. No date of release but the sound is very mid-to-late 90s smooth R&B. Currently being sold for an absurd amount on eBay by the usual European folks, props go out to L and Stuart for spotting it for under ten bucks.
Think Of Me    3:47    
Same Old Story    4:03    
If I Was Your Girl    3:58  

Jaï: Checking Me Out (CDM) (Wise Guy Records, 2000)

DC-esque R&B from a short-lived Canadian trio headed by Montreal-based singer/songwriter Shaharah Sinclair who along with another member Karina Morin were students at Concordia University in Quebec when this song was written. Having previously only ever seen the white label vinyl I posted back in 2016 and a supposed 1 track promo single on Discogs, I was unaware of the existence of an actual commercial single until Stuart found it on eBay a few months back. They never did anything else but did record a great, urban remix to the track which can be found here.
Checking Me Out [Radio]    3:43    
Checking Me Out [Remix]    4:12    
Checking Me Out [Extended Mix]    6:00    
Checking Me Out [Accapella]    4:05