Thursday, November 12, 2020

Cleopatra: Steppin’ Out (JP Promo CD) (Warner Music Japan, 2000)

Further unreleased music from UK pop/R&B group Cleopatra and found on this Japanese promo pressing only. First beginning in 1998 as a pop group in the same vein as The Spice Girls, the trio - whose bouncy hits included "Cleopatra's Theme" and a cover of The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" - took on a more urban approach for their second release which featured production from big name U.S. producers such as Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Dallas Austin. Ultimately due to poor promotion, the whole project ended up being shelved in the UK but did see a release in the U.S., Japan and some parts of Europe where again it pretty much went unnoticed. The first unreleased cut “I Just Want To Be” appeared on a previous sampler I posted back in 2017 while “Feels So Good” I have never seen anywhere else before now. According to the liner notes, “I Just Want To Be” was produced by Daryl Simmons while the other rarer track by Cutfather & Joe. It’s a little on the poppy side; fans of their previous album would probably love it but I can see why it was left off this more mature effort with its American R&B appeal. 
Press Here To Start 3:48 
Sweat Me 4:53 V
oo-Doo 4:15 
I Just Want To Be 4:47 
U Got It 3:24 
Bingo My Love 3:44 
Yes 4:43 
Only Me 5:06 
You Can't Be In My Life 3:29 
Come & Get Me 3:35 
Feels So Good 4:12