Friday, November 6, 2020

A local find: Steven Daniel

Originally from Hartford, CT, Daniel (real name Steven Daniel) was a singer-songwriter based out of California and had previously been known for his role as Lionel “El-Train” Johnson on the NBC show “City Guys” between 1997-2001. His only single “I Luv U” was one of many lesser rare CDs that I found during my crate digging days in and around my area and was the lead single from the above album “Hiphopcrisy” which was released in 2001. A mixture of gospel, neo soul and hip hop sounds, the project was stylized as a “gospel influenced hip hop album” though Daniel did not wish to be classified as a “gospel artist” and by the time his second album “Life, Love & Liberation” rolled around in 2005, he was then channeling Maxwell and D’Angelo to great effect. Both albums were available to purchase digitally from the artist's website where he identified himself as a conscious soul artist with an "outright colorfully creative musical soul." Though not as rare as some of the other things I found, his music will definitely uplift your soul in these uncertain, dark times. 
Hiphopcrisy (Five By Seven Entertainment, 2001)
Raw Intro    1:01
Show Me    3:28
MayDay    4:27
Everthing I Need    1:19
I Luv U    5:15
Temporary    5:15
Skitz    1:14
Thug    1:32
Hiphopcrisy    3:13
2 Late    5:31
MayDay (Remix)    3:44

Life, Love & Liberation (Five By Seven Entertainment, 2005)
A Greeting From Daniel    0:55
Don't Label Me    5:16
Real Music    4:25
U Can't Stop Me    5:43
Without U    4:08
Your Love    4:45
I Luv U 2    2:18
K. I. S. S. Me    3:43
Hurts Sometimes    4:57
P.O.M.M.    1:05
Just An Interlude    1:10
Dance If U Wanna    4:27
Life    2:34
America    4:52
Change    1:41
Freedom    4:33
Alright    2:55
No More    9:12