Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Various/Unknown: 1Shot Sampler (Promo) (Rondor Music International, 200x)

Various productions intended for Universal Music Group and dated at around 2005/2006 as per one track “U Told Me” which was later given to Def Jam recording artist Shareefa (spelt incorrectly on the disc as Sharifa.) The management company 1Shot Management was headed by Chuck Greene and based out of Baltimore, MD. They were the muscle behind producers J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League in the mid-2000s, a trio of producers mostly known for winning a Grammy Award in 2006 for their work on Mary’s “The Breakthrough” album. As well as the track for Shareefa, they also produced a further track "Coming Up Hustla" which later used the same instrumentation to Shawnna's "Can't Break Me" also from 2006. Whether or not they produced any others I can’t say but quite a few such as “Ghetto” and “Remember” sound very much like their work from back then. Outside of this a further track “She’ll Never Be Me” appears to use the same plinky plonky sample from Mary’s “Not Today” which may or may not have been borrowed from someplace else when Dr. Dre originally wrote it. Many, if not all, of the artists featured are most likely session singers but as well as giving mention to Shareefa, there is also further mention of another artist “Denisha” on two of the tracks as well. It seems that these two tracks “She’ll Never Be Me” and “Connection” were originally intended for her but thus far I have not been able to track her down. 
Ghetto    3:46
Angel    4:41
Back Shot    3:27
Coming Up Hustla    3:08
Love My Gangsta (Hook)    0:50
Man Of My Word    4:31
Ooh Wee    4:30
Oh Girl    4:55
Remember    4:16
She'll Never Be Me    3:27
Stand For Something (Hook)    3:32
That's Why (Hook)    0:49
The Connection    3:08
U Told Me    4:24
We The People    3:49