Thursday, October 8, 2020

Natasha: Sampler (Promo) (Rondor Music International, 200x)

Unreleased music from Natasha Ramos who was part of two failed girl groups Anjel (with former Destiny’s Child members LeToya Luckett and LaTravia Roberson in 2003) and Latina R&B group Affair (with Tiffany Villarreal and Vanessa Marquez in 2005.) Sadly,both fell apart before any actual releases came to fruition but the latter was put together by Pharrell Williams with whom she has been minorly associated with ever since. Unfortunately, it seems she had similar luck to fellow ex-Affair member Tiffany Villarreal in that she seemed to go from one project that never got off the ground to another, including one for the former head of Arista Records at the time LA Reid. This has pretty much left her to be known only as “J-Lo’s Backing Singer” by some despite her much superior talent. I don’t know where the above work originated from but I am guessing either from her brief stint at Arista or her later shelved project with Star Trak Entertainment “Show & Tell.”  One of the tracks "Rain Keeps Falling" was later adapted into the intro for Amerie's 2007 album "Because I Love It" and was produced by Chris & Drop. In 2011, she finally released her first project “Dream Seller” on which she chronicles the many missed opportunities she has had and rightly so. Why LA Reid and especially Pharrell Williams couldn’t do anything more with her I do not know. 

 (Approximate titles given)

Rain Keeps Falling    3:36
Whatchu Got    3:27