Sunday, September 20, 2020

Joy Morrison: Run Away (CDM) (Trinity Records, 2001)

Obscure neo soul from out the UK with Joy Morrison and seemingly the only single from a multi-genre album “So Damn Tuff” showcasing the best that UK talent had to offer back then. Not much is known about her but there’s a small possibility that she was previously signed to Bishop Brad and Linslee Campbell’s Southside Collective Records at around the same time as Mykyla (see here.) Taken from the archive: "22 years old, sultry good looks, with a satin smooth timbre, that simply massages the inner ear and speaks to the soul. This is Joy Morrison. Joy Morrison is the type of singer that popstars wish they could imitate. Her voice is strong but gentle, passionate and warm. Her talent unmistakable and complemented by the stories she tells within her songs."

Run Away (Original Mix)    3:49    
Run Away (Norf Wes' Mix)    3:49    
Run Away (Heaven's Gate Mix)    3:36    
Run Away (Kol Droppin' Remix)    4:33    
Run Away (Shux Mix)    3:50