Sunday, September 20, 2020

Charli: Big Mistake (CDM) (Charles Gorodn Music Group, 2001)

This group was another interesting find from Stuart back in 2017. I was led to believe it featured former EastEnders actress Rita Simons and Sha Mae Amor (Paradiso Girls) as its members but it seems they were not included in the this earlier lineup. Still very much a multi-cultural group (including members from China and South America), the inlay states that the group was a “unique flavor of dynamic rapping and soulful harmonies influenced by heavy garage vibes” and “Latino flavors” that captured the “harder street attitude” of London’s South East. They later had a lineup change (gaining Simons and Mae Amor) and signed to UK Urban Records where they released one single “Feel Me” in 2003 which barely made an impact on the charts. It seems the label were once again more geared towards Garage music and not even the good stuff but a very early incarnation of what later became known as dubstep. Sadly this is where Charli seemed to have ended up as featured as part of the lineup to a mix compilation given away for free with Deuce Magazine in 2003. It’s a shame as they did have potential but they would’ve probably been better off signed to an actual pop label.

Big Mistake (Garage Pop Mix) 4:26
Big Mistake (Garage Dub Remix) 4:13
Big Mistake (Wise Child RnB Remix) 4:44
Big Mistake (Paper Worx RnB Mix) 4:06