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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Charli: Big Mistake (CDM) (Charles Gorodn Music Group, 2001)

This group was another interesting find from Stuart back in 2017. I was led to believe it featured former EastEnders actress Rita Simons and Sha Mae Amor (Paradiso Girls) as its members but it seems they were not included in the this earlier lineup. Still very much a multi-cultural group (including members from China and South America), the inlay states that the group was a “unique flavor of dynamic rapping and soulful harmonies influenced by heavy garage vibes” and “Latino flavors” that captured the “harder street attitude” of London’s South East. They later had a lineup change (gaining Simons and Mae Amor) and signed to UK Urban Records where they released one single “Feel Me” in 2003 which barely made an impact on the charts. It seems the label were once again more geared towards Garage music and not even the good stuff but a very early incarnation of what later became known as dubstep. Sadly this is where Charli seemed to have ended up as featured as part of the lineup to a mix compilation given away for free with Deuce Magazine in 2003. It’s a shame as they did have potential but they would’ve probably been better off signed to an actual pop label.

Big Mistake (Garage Pop Mix) 4:26
Big Mistake (Garage Dub Remix) 4:13
Big Mistake (Wise Child RnB Remix) 4:44
Big Mistake (Paper Worx RnB Mix) 4:06


Joy Morrison: Run Away (CDM) (Trinity Records, 2001)

Obscure neo soul from out the UK with Joy Morrison and seemingly the only single from a multi-genre album “So Damn Tuff” showcasing the best that UK talent had to offer back then. Not much is known about her but there’s a small possibility that she was previously signed to Bishop Brad and Linslee Campbell’s Southside Collective Records at around the same time as Mykyla (see here.) Taken from the archive: "22 years old, sultry good looks, with a satin smooth timbre, that simply massages the inner ear and speaks to the soul. This is Joy Morrison. Joy Morrison is the type of singer that popstars wish they could imitate. Her voice is strong but gentle, passionate and warm. Her talent unmistakable and complemented by the stories she tells within her songs."

Run Away (Original Mix)    3:49    
Run Away (Norf Wes' Mix)    3:49    
Run Away (Heaven's Gate Mix)    3:36    
Run Away (Kol Droppin' Remix)    4:33    
Run Away (Shux Mix)    3:50   

Ciao: Shake It (Promo CDS) (Whoppit Records, 200x)

More Asian R&B out of the UK with Ciao, a three-piece girl group comprised of members of Indian extraction. Not much is known about them but the track was produced by London-based producer Andy Whitmore and infuses elements of pop, R&B and contemporary bhangra music to good effect.  Many thanks to Lewsic for the contribution. 
 Shake It  3:42

Ryan Joy: Sampler (Promo) (Platinum Stars Entertainment, 2003)

Another surprising find from the home of cheesy pop Florida with Ryan Joy, a Britney Clone that actually wasn’t and whom actually intended to put out quality R&B/pop music in the early 2000s. Hyped as the “new Madonna” by music industry executives (who were obviously looking at the color of her skin more than her sound), she started off at 14 as a dancer and host for a local MTV-like channel Club TV before aspiring to be a singer. Her debut single “Don’t U Hate It” received a release through her website in 2001 but despite appearances on Radio Disney and WFLZ-FM (a prominent radio station in Tampa, FL), her website stopped being updated in 2005. Musically she was not bad but at times it seemed she may have been taking vocal lessons from a few teachers obsessed with Britney’s mannerisms crossed with Adrienne Bailon from 3LW. As for “Don’t U Hate It”, it might sound familiar to a few people as it was later recorded by another fledgling singer Mesha for her debut LP “Broken Glass” in 2003 (posted here.) Joy is still active but has since turned her back on her urban beats to do rock music. 
Crazed 3:12 
Don't U Hate It (Snippet) 1:50 
I Don't Wanna (Snippet) 1:33 
S.O.S. (Snippet) 2:13 

Friday, September 18, 2020

Elaine Monk: Something For Nothing (EP) (Black Sands Records, 1993)

More unknown 90s R&B that up until now had been lost in the garage house category on Discogs.It spawned one single “Something for Something” in 1993 which mainly seemed to be marketed as a garage house release but this EP is 100% early 90s New Jack Swing/contemporary R&B. It is not a promo although it has no actual artwork. I know nothing about the artist but the label appeared to be based out of New York City.  

Something For Nothing    4:15
B-U-S-T-E-D (Featuring "Love")    3:56
Silent Love    4:48
Why You Want My Love?    3:40
Something For Nothing (Edited Version)    3:45

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Meisha: S/T (Gamma Records, 1995)

The very first album release from Jameisha Trice, a Chicago-based singer-songwriter and recorded under her former alias Meisha. It spawned one single, the G-Funk-inspired “Quit Doggin’ Me Out” which had some degree of underground success (despite being released the same time as Brandy and Monica’s break out hits) and was even picked up for overseas distribution via Universal. The record label Gamma Records was formally known as Gammaudion Records and are mostly known for the male sextuplet M.A.R.E.E. (aka Music And Rhythm Equals Excellence.) Following this absolute stellar first effort, Trice released a follow-up “My Life” in 2000 (posted here) and in 2006 was working on new music under her full name Jameisha Trice (posted here.) She is still very much active in music to this day and her silky, smooth timbre can be heard in many national TV and Radio spots including the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for acquiring an original copy. I don’t post mp3s from unknown sources on my blog or on my channel. 
Quit Doggin' Me Out 3:15 
Bomb Explosion 0:08 
I Wanna Be Next To You 3:17 
Inseperable 6:11 
Play U Like A Sucker 3:22 
Show Me 4:13 
Just Chillin' 3:33 
Saving My Love 4:01 
Mr. DJ 2:43 
Baby Don't Go 3:28 
One Last Kiss 4:09 
Quit Doggin' Me Out [Remix] 4:06 

Urbanesque: S/T (Promo) (Titanium Records, 2003)

Consisting of members from Canada, Texas, Chicago and New Jersey, Urbanesque came together with a common goal “to impact and change the course of the entertainment industry.” They met in Orlando – the home of cheesy pop – and were soon discovered by Veit Renn who was formally a producer for such horrors as *NSync, Backstreet Boys and Aaron Carter. Admittedly, this does not sound great but Renn’s efforts as “The Viking” were actually pretty darn good. Lacing the tracks with a splash of funk, a cup of hip hop and a pinch of R&B to support the group’s “raw flava’, they sounded more like En Vogue than *NSync. Describing them as ‘one of the best girl groups to come around in a while’, they

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Ris-K: Ris-K Business (Perfect Entertainment, 1998)

Another great Asian trio out of B.C., Canada and boasting Canadian singer and actress Cory Lee as one of its members. According to info online, the trio were later approached by Sony Hong Kong but Lee apparently turned down the offer as she was eager to explore her Chinese roots instead. Possibly a demo they sent off to labels, not much else is known about this group or its other members but they were produced by N.C. Thanh and Earnest T.D. who had previously worked with Craig Smart, Cruize Control and others. From the 90s urban flava of “Juicy Stylz” (an incarnation of Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit”) to the late 90s contemporary R&B sounds of “Keep It Real” and “Can You Satisfy?” to the funky unadulterated pop of “Into The Groove” (a cover of Madonna’s song of the same name), their music was a blend of infectious urban-pop and funky 90s melodies with great production. Along with Toronto’s Ora (Philippines), they were definitely destined for great things. 

Going All Out 3:38
Ris-K Business 3:47
Keep It Real 3:46
Into The Groove 3:54
A Hundred Times 4:22
Can You Satisfy 3:42
Ooh, I Don't Feel Like You 3:39
You Are My Dream 3:44
Just The Thought 3:41
Juicy Stylz 5:14
Ris-K Business Remix 3:46