Thursday, August 6, 2020

Signal Music Productions (SMP Records, 1998)

Underground rap and R&B out of Newark, New Jersey that I know very little about but seemingly contains early work from local rap artist Rasheed Campbell who is still active today. Unfortunately, the R&B tracks are few and far between (3 in total out of 11 tracks) but Dominique is definitely a stand out artist. 

Levitate 3:53 (SySez)
EastNWest 4:18 (SySez)
Let Me Find You 3:27 (Dominique)
Why Did You Lie 3:16 (Dominique)
Loving Goes 4:25 (Precious)
1998 Two Years Left 2:58 (Life)
Love 5:06 (Life)
1989's Da Number 3:58 (Rasheed)
Analyze 3:22 (Rasheed)
Llename (Spanish) 4:32 (Joselito)
Unknown 4:10 (Unknown)