Saturday, August 29, 2020

Marley-Dee: Album Sampler (EP) (Black Story Records, 2004)

More contemporary R&B on Bristol’s Black Story label, which was set up and run by prominent mix DJ Mark Watson (aka Mixmaster M.) Her first single, the catchy “Hot Inside” was released in 1999 but she still appeared to be active with the label all the way up until 2005 when sadly Watson was trying to turn her into the British version of Ciara. The above sampler, which was released a year prior to this, showcased her much better as a contemporary R&B/pop singer who had some really catchy tracks. Regardless, Watson had a great ear for production and for whatever sound was popular at the time. 

Nasty (Original Mix)  3:50
When (Original Mix)  4:17
Hot Inside (Original Mix)  3:58
Nasty (Instrumental) 3:50
When (Instrumental)  4:17
Hot Inside (Instrumental)  3:58