Saturday, August 29, 2020

Maria Marcial: Urbanize Vol. 2 (EP) (2005)

More great midlands (UK) R&B with Maria Marcial, a female R&B/soul singer based out of Manchester. Mainly being known for Oasis and Take That, I haven’t come across much quality R&B from here in my many years of collecting other than Sons Of Rhythm. Sadly Maria’s track is the sole R&B song on an EP hailing from Manchester’s “fruitful” urban scene in 2005. According to the info sheet, she was a Top 20 gospel finalist in Trevor Nelson’s Talent Search. A further standout track is producer/MC duo Rayze & Raye’s “Away” featuring vocals from another singer/songwriter Sapphire.

I Don't Love U Like That (Maria Marcial)  3:53
Away (Rayze 'n' Ryze Feat. Sapphire)  4:26
What It All About (2FO)  4:46
Long Weekend (Rayze 'n' Ryze)  5:10