Thursday, August 13, 2020

Lee-Prada Entertainment Neo Soul(ed) Up, Jazz(ersized) R&B Sampler (Promo) (P.U.R.E. Underground, 2003)

Unreleased productions from Chicago-based producer and musician Lee-Prada who created his label (originally Purely Underground Radio Entertainment) to bring credibility from the street “back to the lab in 2003. I don’t know much about him but he was a former military guy with a mission: to help young artists everywhere display their natural talents and develop that talent from the heart and not from the “sole” of some labels’ feet (as quoted from an archived version of his label’s webpage). He started out focusing on hip hop but later branched out to other styles as demonstrated on the above disc. I don’t know much about these artists but Darius Wyatt released an EP “Unconditional Love” in 2005 while Danny Divine is an unsigned neo soul artist. Other stand out tracks by other artists include the R&B-styled steppers jam "Step With The 1 You With" and the gorgeous live soul/blues track “Where Will U Be.”

Intro 0:29 (Lee-Prada)
Bounce, Bounce 3:44 (Darius Wyatt)
Should I Stay 3:43 (Darius Wyatt)
2nd Man 5:36 (Darius Wyatt)
I Don't Know 4:57 (Darius Wyatt)
Play It 4 U 4:09 (Truism)
Angel 5:04 (Truism)
Little Somethin 3:37 (Truism)
Show Me 4:08 (Danny Divine)
Complete Azz 4:27 (Danny Divine)
Crashin' Down 4:19 (Danny Divine)
Lovely Day 3:34 (Darius Wyatt)
Hug 3:05 (Yaw Agyemon)
Where Will U Be (Live) 4:15 (Yaw Agyemon)
Step With The 1 You With 4:08 (Maurice G)
Steppin' 4 The Soul 4:09 (Truism)