Thursday, August 6, 2020

Jamm-A-Lott Records – R&B & Hip Hop Compilation (Jamm-A-Lott Records, 1996)

Further underground music out of Indianapolis with Jamm-A-Lott Records, a label initially started in the mid-90s by local entrepreneur Daron Washington who described his music as old school mixed in with today’s modern sound.” Sadly, it is mostly very underground sounding; the vocals on track 4 are also pretty bad but this is a rare piece of Indiana rap history. “Can U Rap ‘96” apparently became an underground hit with this compilation originally scheduled to drop in July, 1996. I don’t know if it ever did but in 2006, a decade later, Washington released The Jammalott Power Compilation to CDBaby.

Do Your Thing 3:29 (Pontiak & Comp)
Can U Rap 96 4:47 (Pontiak)
Wanna Get 2 Know U 3:22 (Pontiak & Comp)
Laydown 4:01 (Pontiak & Comp)
Gunz Don't Kill 4:05 (Pontiak)
Like What U C 3:46 (Mozelle)
Searchin 5:24 (Code Blue)
On The Rise 4:37 (Da-Difrinz)
Symptoms Of A Cyko 4:42 (Da-Difrinz)