Saturday, August 15, 2020

Groove United Productions Presents: Urban Grooves (Promo) (Groove United Productions, 200x)

Unreleased productions from Groove United Productions, a Canadian label headed by Canadian Dave Sereny and mostly known for R&B singer Wade O. Brown. Brown had been active since the late 90s when he released the single “No Other Woman” via Parlophone’s Rhythm Series imprint. Between 2002-2005, he released 3 albums, the most widely known being 2002’s “Complete”. He released an eponymous follow-up in 2003 which was later re-tooled as “All Night, All Love” in 2005. It featured contributions from a host of A-list producers and song writers not limited to Daryl Simmons, Herb Middleton and Kipper Jones. Here are 3 productions that never made it on to any of his albums as well as tracks from male R&B/neo-soul duo Opinion, which was a side project of Canadian MC and producer Slakah The Beatchild and featured singer Jason Simmons on vocals. Their only single “You’ll Be Fine” was released in 2003. There are also a host of other artists that were a part of this label as well, including 2 further R&B/soul singers Jaque and Peter Miller and Canadian MCs G. Stokes and Phatt Al. I believe the tracks were mostly all written by Wil Van Zyl, who served as the then-president of the label. Van Zyl and Wade formed Williwade Music in the early 90s which began as a writing house and eventually evolved to also become a facility for artist development and management. This disc may have been sent out to prospect labels to get a distribution deal although I don’t know for exact certain. The pinnacle of the disc is most definitely Wade though, who delivers the best in authentic rhythm and blues with a modern twist. At least one of his tracks (“Real Love”) was produced by Daryl Simmons. 

Real Love 4:53 (Wade O. Brown)
Just Say When 4:16 (Wade O. Brown)
Celebrate 4:16 (Wade O. Brown)
Rock My Heart 4:20 (Wade O. Brown)
Rasheeda 3:09 (Opinion)
You'll Be Fine 3:49 (Opinion)
Play Along 3:44 (Opinion)
Any Reason 4:53 (Jaque)
Rock Da Block 4:14 (G-Stokes)
Cocoberry (Remix) 5:32 (G-Stokes)
Love Is So Strange 4:43 (G-Stokes)
Leavin' 3:19 (Peter Miller)
Fresh Air 4:00 (Phatt Al)
Phattman 3:25 (Phatt Al)
Everybody (Wanna Be An MC) 4:27 (Phatt Al)