Friday, July 10, 2020

Mykyla (Southside Collective Records, 1999)

Formally a dancer for rave party promoters, South East Londoner Mykyla was one of 3 artists on Linslee Campbell and Bishop Brad’s South Side Collective Records where she released 3 singles at the turn of the millennium. The production on her singles was great, and owing to Campbell and Brad’s history with remixing, packed full of quality mixes that could basically pass as entirely different songs. Her first single 'Stalking/141' was written and produced with Michael Daley (Full Crew) and garnered top ten positions in the Music Week Urban Chart (No.8), the Blues & Soul Chart (No.8), and the DMC Chart (No.10) but by the middle of 2001 Southside Collective’s website went down and never came back. Her album "Reach High" was seemingly not released.

Again many thanks to “L” for his original rips of these CDs that he brought himself. 

For more information and track-listings to her singles, please go here.