Monday, August 17, 2020

David L. Stewart: Demo (1992)

Stewart is an R&B songwriter and producer from Los Angeles who has worked with Jesse Campbell, Michel'Le and others since the late 80s. His most notable production is former Death Row vocalist Michel'Le's "Can I Get A Witness" but from 2007-2014 he worked with K. Michelle. Sadly he is not a very prolific songwriter but it was not for want of trying, as demonstrated on the above cassette which Stuart won on eBay a few months back. All are are dated from 1992 and feature male and female vocalists over various arrangements of early 90s greatness. The first track "What About You" is a killer slow jam with a similar smooth vibe to "Can I Get A Witness" while the uptempo tracks "Show Me", "Good & Plenty" and "Stop, Look & Listen" are early 90s New Jack Swing at its best. No ideas as to who the vocalists are but they are not Campbell, Michel'Le or anybody else he worked with back then.

Thank you once again to Stuart for scoring this and keeping it in the U.S. where it belongs!

What About You  3:37
Show Me (Extended Mix)  5:19
Falling For You  4:49
Good & Plenty  4:15
To Love Somebody  5:42
Stop, Look & Listen  4:36
I Believe In You  5:24