Monday, August 24, 2020

Ten 4: Britain's first ever oriental R&B group

Signed to the same label as Alexia Khadime, Ten 4 were an Oriental R&B trio who were breifly active in the ealry 2000s. Destined to take the world by “storm” and “break down all racial and cultural barriers that exist”, they were co-signed to a garage label where they released only one promotional single “Flava.” Sadly, it wa`s aimed more at the garage scene with the original R&B track basically appearing on the b-side billed as a remix. Similar in style to Alexia’s “Ring”, I can’t help but feel it works better as an upbeat song though. A further song “No Way” showcases them in a much more contemporary R&B light. Preview both below and thanks again to “L” for the contribution. 

Flava (Promo VLS) (Red Rose Recordings, 2001)
Flava (Code Blue Vocal Mix)  4:58
Flava (Mr Blue Jazzy 2-Step Mix)  4:27
Flava (Code Blue Dub)  5:56
Flava (R&B Mix)  4:26

No Way (White Label VLS) (Nu Hope Entertainment, 200x)
No Way  3:47
No Way  3:48
No Way  4:52
No Way  4:39