Friday, July 17, 2020

Shernette May: Sampler (Promo) (Virgin,1998)

Further unreleased music out of the UK with contemporary rhythm and blues singer-songwriter Shernette May who was the brainchild of production team Absolute. She sadly fell by the wayside as their other project The Spice Girls picked up momentum in the late 90s and following two singles "All The Man I Need" and "Alright With Me", she disappeared completely. Her album "You And I" (which was originally slated for release in October '98) was shelved and all that remains is the above cassette sampler that my new contributor "L" managed to pick up. The following year one of her songs "Without You" made its way onto Tina Turner's album "Twenty Four Seven" and by 2002 May was providing backing vocals for Abz Love (formally of the boyband 5ive.) A rather indignant ending for a very talented singer/songwriter but sadly she had no chance of being heard over The Spice Girls.

All The Man That I Need (Snippet) 1:30
If You Could (Snippet) 1:22
Like A Lover Should (Snippet) 1:40