Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Montage: Album Sampler (Jerv Records,1996)

Montage were a short-lived girl group who originally started out signed to Mission Records along with fellow group Serenade in the early 90s. They never released any singles and their early New Jack Swing-inspired work can only be found on one compilation that the label released in 1993. The group stayed together up until 1994 when the original lead singer Andrea Grant left to work on her solo career. I don’t know for absolute certain but she may have been replaced by Eve Horne who later became one third of the Danish R&B group Juice when one of the original members left. With Horne, Montage signed to Polydor-imprint Wildcard Records and released two singles “There Ain’t Nothin’ But The Love” and “In The City”, the latter of which made them one of the first UK acts to be remixed by Jermaine Dupri and his So So Def team. Sadly they were then to disappear without a trace. I don’t know if it was down to problems with their management but Horne was later to leave for more success with Danish R&B group Juice.

 From the press sheet:
“Well what a relief to see a real girl band enter the top 10 (En Vogue), I think it needs to be said that we the real deal RnB fraternity have had enough of those naff girl groups.
 97 being a new year and all that, we at P.D.A. thought that we would give you more of the good stuff
 Montage are a 3 piece girl group with their feet firmly in the RnB/Blues camp. "There ain't nothin' like the love" in its original form has a vibe that reminds me of the Mary J Bilge smoocher "Not gon' cry", which was a massive hit across the water but was embraced by certain radio stations/djs a little bit late. You snooze you lose!

Knowing that some of you can't play the down tempo cuts in your clubs in the middle of the night, Eve, Bobbi and Lorraine went back into the studio with Lucas to re-record an RnB club version, check out the magic they came up with, a fusion of soul, hip hop and blues. It's called a Montage and it's only the start, these girls have so many flavours for you to taste, they've got ballads so soulful they'll make you cry, funk so nasty George Clinton will retire and cuts so hard that they will make the Sex Pistols look like pussies !
 Now does that sound like a band that wants to be the next cute girly group...sod off !”