Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Sherissa Stewart: Don't Hesitate (GDR, 2005)

More independent R&B from out the UK with Sherissa (Stewart) and primarily produced by Silvastone, a London-born producer whose music is a creative blend of global rhythms and UK Street Sounds with contemporary flair. I don't know much about her but her song "Cupid" appeared in the 2006 film "Life And Lyrics" alongside Estelle's "Dance With Me." Sadly I don't think it was ever released but seeing as it was on a major label it would've probably been some great promotion for her had it been.

Intro 0:28
Tell Me What You Want 3:33
Cupid ft. Silvastone 3:24
Sunshine 4:27
Gotta Get Away 3:35
I'll Be There 6:15
Don't Hesitate 4:12
Me 3:45
Missing You 5:53
Switch ft. Ayak 4:14
Love Me (Interlude) 0:59
What U Say 3:58
What U Say 4:21
That's Alright 4:51
That's Why I Love You 4:43
I All I Ask 6:16
Me ft. Holly (Remix) 3:44