Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Shelé: Talkin' Bout Whatever (VLS) (Black Story Records, 2000)

More independent R&B out on the UK at the turn of millennium and again based out of Bristol as per the label Black Story Records which had been active since the mid-90s. Again I know nothing about this artist but the producer Mark Watson (Mixmaster M) is now a prominent mix DJ in Bristol. The label Black Story Records took a hiatus in 2007 but made a comeback in 2012 as Black Story Entertainment Ltd. Their most recent release has been in 2019.

Again many thanks to "L" for his original rips!

Talkin' Bout Whatever (Original Mix) 4:53
Talkin' Bout Whatever (Original Instrumental) 4:51
Talkin' Bout Whatever (Accapella) 4:54