Friday, July 3, 2020

Nikia: Open Book (EP) (Nuendo Music Group, 2003)

I decided to get this EP after recognizing the record label which was the same as a group Cittin Pretty which I posted here back in 2015. It turned out that she wrote all their songs and the two acts were produced by the same people. Sadly I was not a big fan of Cittin Pretty - their music, vocals and the production on the tracks was just a little too weak - but the above artist really stands out. Mixing teen contemporary R&B ("Picture This"), funk-laden dancefloor fillers ("Give Me A Sign") and heart-wrenching ballads ("Hard To Believe"), the production and vocals here are great. Originally from East Meadow, New York, Nikia worked with The Gap Band, Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan and New Birth before recording this CD which was only one of 5 that the label ever released.

Picture This 3:30
Give Me A Sign 3:33
Hard To Believe 4:44
Picture This (Acoustic) 3:05