Saturday, July 4, 2020

Kisha: Love Yourself! (Toc Toc Entertainment, 2001)

The original site as we know it went defunct in 2003 but years after its demise - if you are lucky enough - you can still find any number of original albums being sold online by independent sellers and collectors alike. Sadly many of the R&B ones have long since been closeted by Japanese collectors who charge a ridiculous premium for them but I much prefer to find stuff on my own. The above artist Kisha Rhyne I have not seen before but a couple tracks later made it onto an album by house musician Rodney Bakerr in 2007. Primarily a neo soul and R&B album with a few house tracks, I don't know much about the artist but she appeared to be based out of Chicago. As for, they currently operate as a subsidiary of CNET offering nothing resembling of what they once used to.

A further artist from the old site can be found here

Play The Game 4:31
Shining Star 5:13
Love Yourself 4:09
Again 6:33
More Than One Night 5:27
Don't Cha Wanna Dance 3:55
Wanderlust 4:05
I'm In Love 4:35
Too Late 4:48
I Long To See You 4:50
Going My Way 4:45