Thursday, July 30, 2020

New Flava Vol. 1 & 2: (Excess Records, 1996-1998)

Formally being confined only to black churches, British gospel music took on a brand new approach with the release of the above albums in the mid to late 90s which offered contemporary-sounding R&B tracks by an assortment of UK-based singers and gospel artists at the time not limited to Marissa Anglin, Tyrone Henry, Eska Mtungwazi and Melanie Ephson. The projects spawned one single "On And On" by Melenie Ephson in 1998. As described in an article online, Ephson (then unsuccessfully trying to shop demo tapes around) was hoping this project would help her break out but despite being tipped for big things by gospel, soul and underground reviewers, the label Excess Records seemed to go defunct in the year 2000. Ephson's "Call Me" appeared to be the final thing they released in which she had ditched the gospel flavas for a more commercial sound a la Brandy, Monica and others from that era. Regardless along with Bi-Faith's 1998 album, this is some of the best gospel I have ever listened to, and all from British artists.

Read more about this project here and here.

New Flava - The Projet
Are You The Light 3:44 (John Gibbons & Marissa Anglin)
I Just Wanna Thank You 4:44 (Marissa Anglin & Charlene Reid)
Spirit In My Life 4:23 (Charlene Reid)
Turn It Inside Out 4:24 (John Gibbons)
Time For You And Me 4:24 (Tyrone Henry)
My Reason For Life 4:20 (Samantha Edwards)
You're So Real 3:45 (Yolanda Sutherland)
That's What I Believe 3:32 (Janine Cross)
Curious 4:05 (Tyrone Henry)
Lord We Honour Your Name 4:14 (Gillian Nembhard)
Come Inside And Look 3:42 (Raymond Dyer)
Love So Unconditional 2:59 (Stella)
Do You Really Know? 4:06 (Tyrone Henry)
Heaven Is My Home 3:53 (Jasmine Kirby)
Why Not Ask Him 3:55 (Sarah Abraham)

New Flava - Volume Two
Can't You See 4:23 (Eska)
Home 4:06 (Ray Lewis/Melanie Ephson)
You Make Me Very Happy 4:10 (Ray Lewis)
You'll Be Missed 4:09 (Melanie Ephson)
On And On 4:04 (Melanie Ephson)
Heaven 4:29 (Jason Yarde)
Don't Let Go 3:48 (Eska)
You Ought To Know 4:31 (Eska)
Brighter Day 4:30 (Junior Robinson)
Could It Be 3:56 (Junior Robinson)
The Way That You Walk 3:57 (Various Artists)
Thank You For Blessing Me 3:42 (Various Artists)