Sunday, June 7, 2020

Unknown Demo Tape From Curtom Records (199x)

Unknown music from Curtom Records, a soul/disco label started in the late 60s by Impressions front men Curtis Mayfield and Eddie Thomas. It was most active in the 70s and 80s and the vast majority of the catalog was from Mayfield himself. There wasn't much, if any, hip hop or contemporary R&B on this label as far as I can tell but the tracks here are a mixture of punchy early 90s New Jack Swing and soulful slow jams. All but two of the tracks are instrumentals and all but one are 2 minutes or under. The final vocal track is the longest, clocking in at almost 6 minutes in length. The other vocal track, featuring a short rapped verse over an early 90s swingbeat, uses Eastwood's famous line from the 1983 movie Sudden Impact. I have no idea who any of these artists are but something about the short rap track reminded me of the early 90s LaFace group Highland Place Mobsters.

Unknown Instrumental 2:22
Unknown Instrumental 1:37
Unknown Instrumental 2:01
Unknown 1:36
Unknown 5:53