Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Sprinkler: Water Sign Sampler (Promo) (Island Records, 1998)

Comprised of Londoner Chardel and Dutchman Lucas, Sprinkler took inspiration from De La Soul, Soul II Soul and others when they recorded this album in 1997. Admittedly, there is always something rather humorous about a white guy rapping until you realize who he is. The guy in question was Lucas Secon who in 1991 was signed to Uptown Records by none other than Andre Harrell and has since gone on to carve out quite a career for himself as an accomplished producer. Sadly his work with Sprinkler was slightly ahead of its time though and the duo's album "Water Sign" was never released. Sadly they made the mistake of signing to Denis Ingoldsby's 1st Avenue Management which by the late 90s folded leaving many artists without labels. On Discogs, the duo somehow got lumped into the House/UK Garage category but no tracks of this genre exist on the album at all; rather their work is a mixture of neo soul and contemporary R&B featuring alternating lazy raps by Secon and soulfully crafted verses and hooks by Chardel, who was once herself a developing artist herself with Wildstar Records. From starting out as a quick moment of hilarity between myself and Stuaaart, they have since go on to become one of my most recent favorites. Many thanks again to my new contributor for sending!

Tinted Eyes 3:52
Don't Wanna Work No More 4:48
Leave _Em Something To Desire 3:41
Your Eyes Keep Me Warm 4:45
Rain Upon Your Brain 4:28
I Like You Just The Way I Am 4:48
My Big Bang Theory 4:03
Skin Up The Night 4:17
Time Is The Master 3:54
Timber 5:25
Track 11 1:41 (Unlisted)