Tuesday, June 16, 2020

M.C. Mother Love featuring Nikhol Williams: Out On My Own (Cassette Single) (A.B. Records, 199x)

Further old skool rap release from Ni'Kol Williams alongside M.C. Mother Love (real name Patrisa Pierce.) There's no information about either but Ni'Kol Williams has appeared on at least one other release on the same label. The label A.B. Records was owned and operated by Hollywood, FL resident Alford Brown which as far as I can tell was still active up until 2015.

Single Mix 3:26
No Piano 3:25
Mega Mix 3:25
Instrumental 3:25
T.V. Mix (BKV's Only) 3:24
Hey-Hey-Hey 3:25
Radio Mix 3:25