Friday, June 19, 2020

Kim Hill: Suga Hill (Self-Released, 2005) (Originally posted 10/14/2018)

Only full-length album from New York native Hill, who was formally an unofficial member of The Black-Eyed Peas between 1998-2000. Unlike Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson, she didn't appear on the front cover to their albums but her sweet-sounding vocals could be heard on many songs from their earlier career when they made great hip hop music. She was to be replaced by Fergie in 2002 but had been working on launching a solo career since the late 90s. Around this time she was briefly signed to Interscope but despite having her bandmates behind her, the album she produced was allegedly rejected as it didn't sound 'black' enough. True her sound was a little more eclectic - she grew up listening to The Eagles and Stevie Nix - but people had been trying to stereotype her for most of her
life. As a child she was forced to quit violin as in her own words "it wasn't hip for a sista to play strings." After being dropped by Interscope, she launched her own website and sold the above CD through it in 2005. It spawned one single "Summertime In Aspen" which was originally released in 2002 on a small Long Beach label. In "The Real Hip-Hop", she reflects over her time in the Peas but the white girl she speaks of singing on their tracks was rumored to be Canadian trip hop singer Esthero for her appearance on "4Ever" and not Ferguson. In an article for the Houston Press from 2002 she stated "While I was still an active part of the band, they felt that a white girl would get them more crossover exposure," she says. "So then, I got politicked out of my own band to have a white girl on the song. You know you're in a state of emergency when a black hip-hop band allows Jewish management to tell them they should go for a white girl to be more marketable."

Feel Me 4:09
Taxicab 4:14
Mars 3:35
Lost My Mind 4:28
Sunny Blue 4:20
Basically 5:37
Summertime In Aspen 5:10
Kimmy 4:10
The Real Hip Hop 5:12