Friday, June 19, 2020

Kim Hill: Demo (Morey Management Group, 2003)

Original demos from former Black-Eyed Peas vocalist Kim Hill which would later become her original debut "Surrender To Her Sunflower." It was to be released following her departure from Interscope Records and according to an article I managed to source online was 7 songs in length and the first single slated to be "Sunshine." Growing up listening to The Eagles, her rework of "Hotel California" is a fantastic nod to her humble beginnings while the rest of the disc hovers someplace between a steady pace of folksy R&B and eclectic hip-hop influenced soul.  Her refusal to grind on in a bathing suit saw her ousted from the Black-Eyed Peas in 2001 but in her own words "if a girl from a small town can move to Los Angeles with $36.00 to her name and maintain self respect, anything can happen." 

Hotel California 4:36
Sunshine 6:01
Hollywood 4:42
My Name 3:50
Read Between The Lines 4:25
Chasin' Butterflies 4:01
Fast Girl 3:38
Everytime 4:54
Open Wide 5:43