Monday, June 29, 2020

Allyson Brown: Candy (White Label VLS) (199x)

Brown was the winner of the Best Unsigned Act at the UK MOBO Awards with this Cameo-sampling dance floor shuffler in 1998. Sadly despite being signed to two major labels at one point - including Death Row - Brown has continued to remain unsigned and these days is better known as an actress. Word is that she turned down a 3-album deal with Jive Records to focus on her R&B/Garage group Lyric who released their only single "Perm" in 2001. She liked to do things her way and I give her respect for that but nevertheless what a lost talent. She hoped to garner mainstream success with Lyric - who sounded like Mis-Teeq - but sadly never did. In 2012 she appeared on The Voice where she belted out Jocelyn Brown's "Somebody Else's Guy" but nobody - especially Jessie J - even knew what to do with her. Many thanks again to my new contributor "L" for sending this along.

A1 - Candy (Mix 1) 4:23
A2 - Candy (Mix 2) 4:23
B1 - Candy (Mix 3) 4:27
B2 - Candy (X-Men Mix) 4:56