Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Power Play: All I Am (Cassette Single) (Self-Released, 1991)

A further unique find from Virginia Beach with Power Play, a local group comprised of husband and wife Jay and Kay Moore, Nathan Dickerson and Vernon Mann. They have gone through many different line ups since their formation in the late 70s where they started out as a disco group and since then they have gone through many different styles from Motown, Funk and by the early 90s soul & R&B music. They released a soul EP in 1993 called "Energy" but here is an even earlier release by them featuring 1 track early 90s modern soul (vocals by Kay) and 1 track male-fronted soul/boogie greatness with a guitar riff to die for! They are still active and you can read more about them here.

All I Am 5:37
Fairy Tale 5:23