Monday, May 4, 2020

Various: Mista Clean Records Compilation 2000 (Mista Clean Records, 1999)

From the Great White North to the Dirty South, more great R&B/Hip Hop music with Mista Clean Records, an indie label based out of East Point, GA in the early 2000s. Sadly aside from Big Docta, the vast majority of the artists featured here are quite obscure but it is very typical of the sound coming out of the South back then blending crunk, bounce and contemporary R&B to a masterful effect. Standout R&B cuts include a heart-wrenching slow jam about a woman scorned "Girl Next Door" by Reshell Reshell, and the uptempo ballad "A Moment" by STC, a male R&B trio.

The Opening 1:33 (MCDM)
Turn Dis' Mutha Out (Sho Nuff) 4:15 (MCDM ft. Blackman of DAFOE)
Give Me Your Love 4:59 (Shanelle ft. Blackman of DAFOE)
Ain't Nothin' 4:34 (Kalluvdawyld ft. Mr. Naybu)
Holy Matrimony 4:12 (DAFOE)
Make It Last 3:14 (STC)
Dat Thing 4:56 (Big Docta)
Wake Up, Wake Up (Medley Mix) 3:54 (Verse-1-Tel ft. Sherrie Mathis & Tim Crawford)
Girl Next Door 1:44 (Reshell Reshell)
Wha'z All Da Hype 'Bout 3:13 (MCDM)
Give It To Me 3:54 (Christina ft. DaMasta)
Bouncetadis 4:21 (Technique ft. Da Masta)
A Moment 4:53 (STC)
Don't Need U Nomo 3:33 (MCDM)
Right Here 4:22 (Kalluvdawyld ft. Mr. Naybu)
Making Love 4:22 (Reshell Reshell)
I Got Flo 3:42 (DAFOE)
Make It Bounce 4:29 (Big Docta ft. Da Masta and Mel-Y)
Trunin' Dis' Mutha Out 3:49 (MCDM)